Resto Auto,  is a joint venture with my wife Kathy.  Kathy and I love cars and working on custom creations.  Shortly after we married we decided to turn our hobbie into a business. We opened Resto Auto in 2016 in Provo, Utah.  We are a licenced, bonded auto dealership.  For the most part we build the cars we like and  sell them.  On a case by case basis we build cars for customers.  Our favorite vehicle to build has been Military Humvees.  We have Overhauled tons of these Monsters. Hummers are so fun to drive!

Kathy and I built her a 1951 Chevy truck when we were dating, she still drives it daily. Not too long ago the Truck and shop was filmed for a reality show called “Your Rides TV”  you can see our “Burn Out” on our Resto Auto Facebook page.

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